Founder Story

Dreamed up while dressing herself and a friend one night for a party, Benaar LA was conceived many moons ago or maybe it had been in the consciousness of Sherli Mikail since her childhood in Iran. Benaar LA is Sherli’s curiosity, curation and unique eye.

Sherli’s spirit is a mixture of her culture, old and new. Inspired by the vibrancy of her Persian upbringing, Sherli brings intelligence, drive, her eye and taste to Benaar LA. Benaar LA is a hybrid: High and Low; Traditional and Outside of the Box; High Street and Downtown. 

Benaar LA celebrates modern sophistication, always with a hint of worldly travels, soirées to attend, dinners to arrive at, art to see, and friends and family to love and explore with.

It’s not just what she wears, it is her curation, how she sees it, how she pulls it all together…on her body or in her life, a full expression of herself. A full expression of her version of womanhood.